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  • specializes in sale of multifamily and commercial/investment real estate, in the New York City area in particular. Having closed hundreds of commercial real estate transactions, we look forward to represent you in the sale of your property to our growing list of thousands of buyers.
  • We offer LISTING SERVICE to list your property for sales online at, currently for a limited time only, for properties selling at prices we deem reasonable as determined by market response.
  • Post your properties for sale online on our website, provide us with property description text, financial information and upload photos, images, documents etc.
  • will solicit offers from buyers, forward them for your consideration, store them in our database, and if acceptable assist you toward contract and closing with your counsel, title company etc.
  • Your "For Sale" Listings get indexed by Google and other search engines bringing more potential buyers to see your listing.
  • You can edit or update your listings later at your convenience.
  • You can request a complimentary property evaluation: simply register, add property information and contact us.
  • You can inspect our selected Hot New Properties for Sale without having to sign up.

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