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A daisy chain is when one intermediary refers a transaction to one or more additional intermediaries.

Daisy chains don't close!

There are a number of reasons why daisy chains don't close:

  • Fees get excessive. The first broker tries to charge a point. Then the second broker tries to add a point. Often a third broker tries to add another point. All the intermediaries are afraid of becoming cut out or circumvented, so each demands control and in the end the multiple party demands make the transaction cumbersome, unpalatable, unreasonable, unwieldy and unreasonable to get done.
  • Communication becomes miscommunication. The children's game sometimes called "telephone" originally called 'Chinese whispers' the first citation of which was found in The Guardian, March 1964:... in which whispered messages were passed around the room and the version which came back to the starting point bore no relation to the original message. This is a disservice to the seller and ends up wasting everyone's time.
  • Most daisy chains involve the blind leading the blind. Only inexperienced rookies would be willing to work on a transaction with little or no ability to get the sale done themselves. You'll eventually discover for yourself that daisy chains don't close. We all learn this painful lesson.

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